Monday, May 11, 2015

Happy Birthday Snuggletree!

It's the man that matters most in my life's birthday today!
Congratulations to my honey Frost!

Here's a song that was released on the day you were born, May 11 1987

And my birthday was yesterday so we kinda did it like we always do.. celebrated it together on the same day. Way easier to do that.

I suck..I really do. I didn't take ANY pics of our birthday gathering yesterday. Not even one of the Nathalie came over earlier cause I was in a pinch...I had no eggs. And the people were gonne drop by in like an hour..hi panic. She she swooshed over with eggs and helped me bake the cake while I fed Freya :D

I got awesome fucking gifts from beeb <3 Abd from everyone as well of course. But his hit me right in the feels lol

First 6 issues of The Walking swedish haha Perf! Earrings, headphones (one big pair, and one small pair) Wolverine T-Shirt and a Better Call Saul mug! haha

And today, my day actually started at 2am.......yep.
Freya's been having some problems sleeping lately. She's been having nightmares maybe? Or trying to poop or teething, whatever...but for 3 nights she's been waking up a lot. And she'll only fall back asleep (crying) on my chest. Precious little angelpuff.

She really really cries a lot when it comes to poop :(
I add prunes to her oatmeal with my homemade apricot jelly but I don't think the prunes are helping her. It's heartbreaking to hear her cry like that.

Plus she's in kind of a mommy period right now. But she plays on her own, sometimes with LeiLei in her room so that's nice haha

But for anyone with babies or older kids than that, the kind of oat meal I make is the best!
Keep that in mind and cook it for them. Filled with vitamin C and iron. And babies lurves it.

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