Wednesday, May 6, 2015

I'll summon yesterday up ok?

Yep, I made theeeeeee most delicious milkshake smoothie EVER.
It was fucking tasty AND healthy. Love it when those two gets combines. 
It's rare, but wonderful lol

Freya stands up ALL the time these days...I'm sure she'll just start walking any day now -_-

And Kuti & Dad wanted to celebrate out upcoming birthday yesterday, so we all had dinner at the taco bar ^^ Yum yum. As always, I had my chicken chipotle salad *looooove* 

Yeah, even though this birthday girl is a fatty, someone managed to catch me on a photo -__-
And my dad looks like he's about to murder someone... haha I really don't want to be on photos while being a fatty McFattersson.

And this is from this morning, she's so fascinated by my ring.

She needs to be distracted sometimes, otherwise she'll remember how much she hates sitting in the baby chair haha

Right, Update on the neurologist appointment:
Yes. turns out I do have EDS.
But I remain positive, the doctor told me that I need to learn how to control my body. Cause I build muscles a lot faster than a normal person, but I can't control the amount of strength I use. And my muscles and tissue has to work so much more to keep the joins and shit in it's place. Eventually my body gets exhausted and the pain and cramps sneak up on me. (like now) 

I'll be seeing a specialist who specializes in neurological diseases and physiotherapy. I'm excited about that. She'll teach me how to control the body, and how to relax. 

And once I've learnt how to handle everything and relaxing, I can start training again. Wheeee~
I'll be starting Yoga as soon as I'm a wee bit more stable.

My goal is to be a mother who can play a lot with her children! *bro fist*

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