Friday, May 15, 2015

Xbox Live invites

I should probably make something clear, in case any of you who follows me on the xbox read this:

Yes, I occasionally enjoy playing with someone if you send me an invite.
NO I do not want to join your party.

I don't do parties. Nope. No. Just no...I'll play with you if I feel like it.
But that's about it.

I got 22 god damn invites in a row AND THAT'S CONSIDERED SPAMMING!!
If I don't accept your first 15 ones, what makes you think I'll accept the other 20 you send me?
And yes, about 25 of those invites was from the same person! The other ones from random players I met in CoD.

So, yeah.......... Frost called it Xbox stalking lol
He counted to 15 of those last night, same person again. haha
But hey, it's a follower. lol I haz them.

Don't get me wrong, like I said: the game itself ain't the problem, just joining a party. I have no intentions chatting with you. Unless I know you of course. Duh.

But I'm not interested in getting to know you. 
Imagine me having to get to know every fucker who sends me an invite? Shooot....that'd be thousands.

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