Friday, May 15, 2015

Had a lovely morning with Freya today, :)
Snugglelump <3

And then she got mad and it wasn't as lovely anymore lol
I woke up looking like a birdsnest in the that was nice....I guess.
The hair was standing everywhere, so I kinda had to take a pic. Thought it was funny.
But it looked way worse in reality actually............

I make messy look splendid.

ahahaha She looked hilarious here so I had to put this pic up too :'D

After that, we went to town.
I wore different shoes today so I managed to walk pretty well actually.
The pain wasn't killing me as it often does. And ya know what?
I put me in a decent fucking mood :D

Yep, we had a nice time ^^
Ate lunch and junk.
I like lunch. 

And Freya was exhausted when we came home and fell asleep in my lap. D'aaaws... *heart melt* Sometimes I kinda feel like I'm having some "cuteness overload" issues haha

I'm about to go to bed, Freya went to sleep at 9, and I'll get a few hours sleep now cause she sleeps way better and longer now with her night meal I make her.
We'll see if she'll sleep long tonight again, I made rice flour porridge this time so I don't really have a clue on how long she'll say full on it? But she sure did ate a lot I tall ya....


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