Sunday, May 3, 2015

I remembered something I forgot

So I expressed my opinion to a friend today on a subject..
My point was:  Is it ok to support/like/enjoy something, even though the person behind that is evil? It's kind of an interesting subject to discuss really.

But this whole discussion reminded me of how much I loved philosophy classes :D 

Man, I enjoyed philosophy and psychology classes in school. We even had an extra course that I took called ethics and morals. I went to a christian class... needless to say, I often stood in one corner when the others stood in another lol We rarely shared the same values and opinions. They were against abortion, I was pro abortion, although I had different opinions in different stages of a pregnancy. I think it's up to oneself I guess.
But I hate when people use it instead of using birth control. -_- Just don't fuck instead of being irresponsible and dumb.

But I LOVE discussions on matters like this. 

Some people take discussions too seriously though, I remember that some classmates could get very upset and angry with me for not agreeing with them. Especially on biblical matters. I'm nont much of a Bible person haha

I've had many good looooooooooooong discussions with Marty for instance. And Nathalie too. Where we think differently but still enjoy the discussion. :)

Although, usually...we are on the same page most of the time.

I started talking to Frost about all this that happened today and what I wrote, and one thing led to another... and I went in on the whole 'death help' matter. (euthanasia)  ( yeah don't ask me how it escalated to that haha)  You know? When you help someone die? Like if I turn into a veggie...or I get completely paralyzed, is it ok to help me die then if I want it? Cause I wouldn't wanna live a life stuck to machines, not enjoying the small things in life that I enjoy. Aren't those the things that makes life worth living? Waking up next to the person you love every morning, hearing you kids laughter, eating tasty pralines or delicious food. Going on small adventures, exploring new things. Learning new yet small things everyday? What good is my life, if I can't enjoy any of those?

Frost ain't fun to discuss with this late. -_- I'm all deep and shit. Talking opinions and feelings and ethics. Right and wrong. Black or white? Grey matter? When does it exist? And he's all like... maybe you should go to a philosophy class again?

And it got me thinking, I miss having those classes. Discussing philosophy, ethics and morals. How you can read a person by their morals.

 I have strict beliefs and opinions that no one can take from me. I know WHO I am, and where I come from. I want to raise my daughter to have the open mind I have, to dare to see things from different perspectives and that you should always follow you own path. Don't follow others.  I never did.

Sure, I was like a huge fucking outcast for it in school hahaha But it didn't really bother me. Nor did it change me. I was me. And I had a mother who let me be me, I was always honest with her, she knew I was an outcast. So she called the school sometimes and got me off the hook when it came to school matters like field trips and class trips and shit. Ew. (And I'm eternally grateful for it too. I'd rather die than share rooms with all those twats)

Today I'm proud that I dared to be different. I'm glad I never tried to be like the popular kids. You find unique people while your'e looking where others aren't.

And I'm really glad I didn't let them drag me down, and turn me into something I'm not.
Peer pressure never worked on me :D I saw many old friends that succumbed to the peer pressure, started smoking and loosing their virginity way to early, doing drugs and alcohol too young as well. And now when you look at them's like they never really left that little smoking box behind the school. Sad. But true.

Meanwhile, I was stuck in a room with 5 smelly guys playing video games.

I may have been a nerd, but I was fine with that.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I genuinely hope I can start philosophy classes or psychology classes soon.
Apparently I have a good chance to study psychology in a year and a half. I have the credentials, and also references. WOHO.

It's nice to have old bosses backing you up. :D

So, within a year.. education should be on the list.

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  1. You'd def rock out philosophy!

    As for the whole "death-help" thingie I think most people agree that if you're really just a vegetable you should be allowed to put out of your misery. I think I read something akin to "if you get paralyzed and can't move or think or do anything by yourself anymore and want to die, then it's selfish of other people to keep you around because then it's not about your best, it's about the people that's gonna miss you and would rather see you alive and suffering."

    Education FTW <3


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