Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The day has finally come

I'm going to see the neurologist today. In a way, I'm kinda nervous...
I keep hoping that they'll find some simple nerve damage thingy, and fix it.
I keep hoping that all the sings of EDS is just a coincidence and it's just a nerve being squeezed or whatever. Ya know? I keep finding excuses haha

 I just want this to be over. I want to not wake up in pain everyday.
I want to be able to play with my daughter, and not having to make slow focused movements in order to avoid too much pain.

But I've got my hopes up today. Maybe they'll find what's wrong?
Maybe it can be fixed? Who knows.

Anyway, I'm about to make breakfast for my believed snuggleweasel Freya <3

I made apricot puree for her yesterday. One regular with just apricots, and one with apricots and coconut cream.  She seemed to like it :D

She doesn't really like to sit in the baby chair for long, seems like it hurts or something? So in the end she has to sit on the table -_- Which is quite nerve wrecking since she wants to touch EVERYTHING. Gah... haha

But she's more comfortable then so I guess it's ok.

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