Friday, May 29, 2015

It's another Friday

Good morning!
Freya woke me up at 4 this lovely morning. But fell back asleep so I got to rest till 8 then. Which would've been wonderful if the stupid pain wouldn't ruin it. But oh well. Can't have it all can we?

Freya kept getting tangled up inside her pajamas so she got pissed off all the time hahah looked hilarious too. I don't even understand how the fuck she managed to do that.. It looked so funny. Like a lump with no legs haha
But eventually she fell asleep in my arms, and I put her in the doggy bed for now. <3 (cuteness overload yes...)

And nooooow I can finally enjoy my coffee. (Which has been reheated twice already....that should tell you how often I get to finish my god damn coffee) so that's nice. :) yep. I gotta keep everything in the window these days cause Freya's long arms can reach fucking everything! -_- Gotta keep a constant eye on that doodle. She as fast as the flash...zoom zoom! ⚡️

We ain't got much on the schedule today....
Figured I'd lure my man out with me on adventures! And by adventures I mean to the work agency. lol don't tell him that though. Mwehehe.. Sneaky the sneakster. That's me.

Man, I miss the laptop... I really do. -.-

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