Sunday, December 27, 2015

Annual rant about EDS

It would seem that my EDS has progressed aggressively further than before lately. My hands and fingers have been severely affected by it. (probably due to the recent weather change too)

It's a whole new kind of pain. And I don't recognize it...
My whole body is aching. It's kind of like a severe menstrual cramp in my pelvis bone, hips, back and ribs. I mean, some ladies must know what kind of menstrual pain I'm talking about? The kind that's located in the lower back when it's superbad.

That's kind of how my body feels. The bones feels like they're hurting. Weird. This is how I know something very big an bad is coming. This is just the beginning. It's always like that...

The joints in my fingers have swollen, gotten knots on them and get stiff. I accidentally twist and turn every joint in my body the wrong way too -_- All the time. Why do I do that?! My knee aches all the time and I always manage to aaaalmost dislocate it a lot. Luckily I panic when I step the wrong way and it's about to pop out of it's place, so I just let everything go then. I just move my body the same way my kneecap goes. Sometimes I'll end up in a very bad way haha Like almost falling over A when I work or something...

I suddenly find myself doing shit like that that I KNOW hurt me. And I do it everyday. When I stand up, or wait for the light to turn green or something, I'll lean a bit. Like any other person do. But when I do it, I exert the ligaments and bend them them too far due to my hypermobility. 

Since it's gone this far, all the way to the fingers, hands, wrist... all that jazz, I feel like my puny little wrist stabilizer ain't good anymore. I always bend my fingers a lot to make them feel better... but in this case, it might not be so good?
And because the pain is so fucking intense in the hands and fingers, I had to start looking for finger stabilizers. 

Turns out they're disgustingly expensive. 89,99$. Like DUDE. Wtf?!

I would need the 3D one probably. And the ones on the ladies fingers below.

Luckily, I live in the lagom land of Sweden. I was thinking... A year ago I got this wrist stabilizer to help keep my right wrist stabile when I sleep or just.. do nothing. I needed it anyway.

And this lady at the hospital put a mold on my hand and made it for me so it had a perfect fit to my hand and wrist. (it keeps my thumb in place too) Now, what if, and just whaaaaat iiiiif I'd contact my usual doctor and make him prescribe me to the hospital again.. what if that lady or someone in that unit could create rings instead? Sure, It'd probably still cost me a little. But nowhere near 89$ right?!

Ain't that a brilliant idea? I think it is. It's definitely worth a try. Otherwise I'll have to work even more just to be able to afford those stupid rings. 

Sweden ain't that far into the medical development of EDS as The US, so apparently those rings can only be ordered from there. Bummer right?

But fear not. Jo will find a way.

If all else fails, there's this local silversmith. 

There's no boundaries in my development :D I'll fix this.

Frost told me that I could take his christmas money that Kuti gave him (100$) and buy a ring, but I don't want to do that. We'll find another way :D

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