Sunday, December 13, 2015

Life & work

.. And so on. Yes.

My 55 hour work shift is over. Yeeees~

I went straight to mom after work and picked up Freya (naturally, I had coffee and saffron buns too hehe) we stayed and played a little before we went to Ica and then home.

Frost went with Lasse to Zinkgruvan to help fix their greenhouse that got destroyed in the storm. Frost said that they fixed it up pretty good :)

Yesterdays dinner went well. I was indeed out of place, and the food was ok. Nothing out of the ordinary. Meh. For that much money it should've been tastier. But oh well.
(I had a little fun and that's what counts right?)

Ah, I took such nice pictures of Lei lei early in the morning too. She's a fluffy pootstain. She's also quite the poser haha

Well, I'm going to enjoy my three days off now. I don't have work until Thursday. Woho! Though we have a meeting at work on Tuesday. Meh ¬_¬

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