Thursday, December 3, 2015

Photo delivery

Freya had yet another hard night. Gassy little babybutt.
In the end, she and Frost slept in our bed and I ended up on the couch haha
I needed sleep real bad. Unfortunately I only got about two hours of sleep, tops.

Add a little coffee on that and we're good to go.

Freya went to daycare today :) She doesn't even turn around anymore when I drop her off haha She just runs off laughing <3 That's reassuring though. You don't want your kid to cry endlessly either ya know? She's such a good kid. Brave and funny. She's learning so fast, evolving and growing. It's a good age right now. I enjoy watching her grow <3

Anyway, I thought I'd show you how my two babies looked at "Första Advent" (First advent)
Adorable right? Ah plus I bought a new pajamas with feet on it! Now her feet can be warm at night time too. :D It's cute right?? It's got little baby sheep on it. Mwehehe~

Ah, me & Freya went to meet my mom at the coffeeshop yesterday.
Freya fucking charms everyone she comes across haha Everyone melts. How could they not really?
Ĩ'm pisspoor at updating my blog sometimes. I mean, I take the photos.... but forget.
I forget a lot of things these days. Meh...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I finally managed to bring the "palt bröd" (pretty much bread made with pigblood) home that I forgot at A's house. Finally. I bought it for Freya. It's sweet and it's really nutritious. Extra good for kids her age. She eats loooots and lots of it. :)

And finally....... BYE.
Gotta play a little video games ands then watch Salem I guess. Just finished the latest episode of American Horror Story too. Excellent episode. :)

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