Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Blacklist

Gaaah... so many feels.

I just saw the mid season finale. OMG.

I can hardly wait till january 27th. Gosh. I fucking love this show.
It's got everything! It really is one of my favorite shows now.

Plus, it's fucking addictive. :) I think I finished half of season three in one day. Yeah. I'm at work lol But A's been reading her book a lot so... I just had a TON of time to kill!

I am definitely recommending The Blacklist.

I first started watching this years ago really..But somehow I never went further than 3 episodes. And then one day Frost said we should watch it, and the spark was lit yet again :D
He likes it too.

Redford. He's brilliant.

I wish he was my dad ;'D hahahah

A funny scene hahaa
They play russian roulette in that family of crocks.
And then Red drops by HAHHAAH

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