Sunday, December 20, 2015

That's the spirit

I'm actually working at my other job today :) It's nice and there's a real fucking Christmas spirit going on! :D

Yay! We're currently watching Christmas shows on tv and sipping on coffee. Aaaand I'm also knitting at the same time. I'm just basking in the Christmas spirit haha

Freya's been having a rough couple of days. Poor baby. ♡  Having a hard sleeping and what not. Let's just hope it changes soon for the better. If she doesn't sleep, no one sleeps. Haha

Welp, I do believe it's almost dinner time at the residence. I think we'll cook chicken tonight. Yum yum.

I gotta admit that it's nice to work here every now and then. Cause it means I get to go home in the evening back to my family. So it's kinda nice for a change :) Gotta appreciate the small things in life huh?

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