Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas eve

(Freya looked adorable in her new dress from Nathalie and her mom)

I'll let the photos speak for themselves. Needless to say, I had fun. And so did Freya. She smiled and laughed and played all day. Aaaaall the way till night time. :)

She got really nice gifts too. And so dis I :D
I got a ring in white and red gold from Frost. A new engagement ring! Yay! It's gorgeous ♡.♡ And a pair of really nice earrings. And a perfume I've been wanting for so long :) Black Opium. I SMELL FANTASTIC NOW! Plus a few lockets for my Pandora bracelet.

Got a new leather bag from mom, a nice she's butter cream, center candle and so on. And a big pretty vase! And here's a cool thing. Which ill show you later... A lemonade container in solid glass with a tap on it from my sister. So you tap it out in a glass instead. Imagine how much lemonade I can make in that one hahah

I don't think I've ever gotten such nice gifts before :) I like gifts that are bought from the heart. And these gifts were.

I'm probably pretty difficult to buy shit to since I never say I want anything. I never wish for anything at all.
But this year was awesome ⌒.⌒ 

I bought Frost a guitar. You'd be amazed how expensive they are..... Hahaha But this was a good deal and he was very happy :D
Plus he got the new guitar hero too.
Good job me! Pew pew!
I hope mom and Josse and Lasse liked their gifts I got them. :)

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