Saturday, December 12, 2015

Out of place

We're getting ready for the fancy schmancy dinner party.
That restaurant.... gosh.

I'll be so out of place. I don't fit in in such a place.
Or rather, I don't belong in that kind of environment. haha

I'd be like Darth Vader on a carousel.

Kinda malplaced.

I can just imagine how awkward it'll be. Even A felt that people might stare at me haha
Though I said I wouldn't wear my dark purple lipstick tonight haha

And A is worried she won't fit in either...which I definitely can understand.
They might not be..."equipped" for such people as us lol

I told her to be cool though. I got this.

Welp, this'll be exciting.

And like a true fatass, I'm mostly looking forward to the dessert tonight lmao

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