Thursday, December 24, 2015

Into The Badlands

I found a new show that tickles my interest :D
I just finished the midseason finale.

I like it a lot actually. I was a little "meh" at first cause I assumed it'd be a cheap show ya know?
But alas I was wrong. Which is a great thing really!! :D

Now, this is set in an alternative reality. Like, imagine Mad Max. Futuristic yet vintage. It's the same with this show. They act as if their soldiers are ninjas, they use martial arts and exquisite swordplay, yet they have old vintage photos like from the 20's. Old vintage cars and motorcykles. Yet most of them ride a horse.

And this show is about a boy, with a very special power. But he has no idea what his power is or who he is really. And then there's this cool asian dude who's the top soldier for "the Baron" who somehow ends up helping him. In the end, they help each other I suppose. Lots of intrigues and action, mystery and passion and adventures. ALL THE THINGS I LOVE. hahaha


This is from AMC (same as The Walking Dead) They have the same deal with 6 episode per season. I figured out that the reason those two series only have such few episode is cause they cost a lot to make those two. TWD with the makeup and shit. And Into The Badlands cause of the martial arts and effects. It's brilliant.

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