Friday, December 4, 2015

I'm exhausted

I am so fucking tired of ungrateful idiots. (I use the word ungrateful cause they don't feel thankful for what they have or what people do for them.)
They have so much to say, but in the's just empty words.
And in the end, they are the selfish ones. They can't see beyond their own pain.
It's aaaaall about their pain. They feel bad. They feel that you're not grateful for all the non existing things they do for you. (this person has never done anything for me fyi)

I am fucking sick of it. That's for sure.
At least I can proudly say that I'm not selfish. I devote my life to my family. They're my top priority. Making them smile is all I want. (well, I do like to eat good food though. Duh) 
I have my hobbies, my interests and so on.

But, I know people that has kids, yet always act selfishly. Doing their pathetic pity party.
'I'm miserable, my life is so sad. No one cares. Everyone is so selfish for not listening to my bad story about my sad pathetic life. My story is always the same...I always complain. Yet no one listens.'

That's what I hear, what I see when I look at people like that. Yuck.

And one thing is for sure. It is not fucking OK to hurt others just because YOU feel bad.
You do NOT have the right to drag other downs with you.

I hate weak people like that. People that wouldn't survive without attention.

But like I said. I'm sick of this.
If you feel sad and that your life sucks, too bad. One can only comfort you so many times.
After hearing it like a thousand times, you stop caring. She won't be there for you much longer either just so you know. She's just too naive for now.

Luckily, I'm fortunate enough to not be close to you (thank god)
And also very fortunate to not having to be near you nor having known you for a long time.

I do however not take pity on you because "your life is messy right now".
So I can't help but to feel "maybe your life sucks because YOU suck?".

What kind of an excuse is that? "She's doing bad these day, so that's why she took it out on you". Oh... right. That makes it ok then. Psssh... go fuck yourself.

I've drawn the line today, and it felt good being honest about it :)
Laid it aaaaaall out there.

I'm tired. People are stupid. Not everyone, but most.
I'm exhausted.

Anyway. YOU. I'm glad your life sucks.  ;D
It'll keep on sucking till the day you start caring about something else more than yourself.

But I'm pretty sure that I won't be around when that time comes (if it ever does)


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    1. lol Yep. They most definitely were. Ain't nobody got time for that.


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