Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas is near

We've had the night from hell.
This was seriously one of the worst nights we've ever had. I didn't sleep ONE FUCKING BIT. Our baby is a night monster now *cries* But enough about that.. Yesterday we had a mini-Christmas with dad and Kuti at Josefin's place. Freya definitely stole the show btw. Too cute hah She danced like crazy to all the chrismas music.

It was a nice evening and everyone was happy :) especially Freya. She got cute toys from dad and Kuti.

We went home around 8:30 and Freya went out like a candle. She fell asleep so fast. And we though our night was finally saved. But noooo... For the third or fourth night in a row, she's been awake more than she's been asleep.

Tonight she'll sleep at granny's place which will be fun for her :) So we can finally sleep. I get really stressed out when I don't get to sleep one bit, it makes it even worse when I know I need to be alert and awake at 6am to be able to work.

Luckily today is only a half day :D yay me! I only work 8 hours! Woho!

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  1. I really hope Freya has a very special Christmas and of course spoiled (duh) violet yeah? great minds think a like! I think it's cool how the toy learns the name of the child. I love spoiling Mila :D hope you , frost, Freya and the family have a special Christmas! Take care x


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