Saturday, January 30, 2016

Better mood

Yeah, so I'm in a waaaay better mood now. Yup.

Turns out the dentist was well informed about EDS. So he knew that the anesthesia might not work.
Anesthesia is difficult for someone like me. But I told him that as long as he let me have the time to calm down and meditate a little then it'd be fine.

See, the more nervous or tense I am... the less any kind of anesthesia, sedatives or anything like that works on me. It's true.

I once had to go through a procedure (I won't go into the details since it wasn't one of my prouder moments...) but it was kinda brutal. They pumped me up with both sedatives and painkillers (morphine) and I was extreeeeeemely nervous and tense. NOTHING WORKED. In the end I threatened to kick the nurse but I apologized immediately too and said that I might actually kick one of them cause it hurt so much and I couldn't control my reactions. "More sedatives!! MORE SEDATIVES!" the doc yelled. It was kinda funny, kinda looked like in Grey's Anatomy or something lol The sweet nurse pumped me up with more. And more. And more. And more morphine. Till I reached the human limit and they had to stop cause you can only put so much sedatives in a body apparently.

And when they gave up. I relaxed.

And I went batshit crazy. I said awful things, made extremely lame jokes (though I found them to be hysterical at the moment. I mean, If you know what kind of procedure it was you'd laugh hehe) And I laid back and sang children songs.. And apparently I sounded really creepy singing some songs cause the nurse said it reminded them of a haunted hospital movie where a child would haunt people and hum on songs like I did HAHAHA So I was moved to another spot. Locked in hah.

Oh shit... I wrote a lot huh?
Well anyway.. my point was that shit don't work good on me, unless I have valium or if I'm very determined and meditates.

So it went great. :D (I was honestly so panicky before I met the dentist that my tummy started to feel really bad..) But he was great. It felt like such a relief too that he knew about EDS and stuff like that. And he said if I choose to go to him  after this as well then he'd hook me up with some of those blue pills lmao Nah but seriously, he said we'd fix a good way to handle my nervousness. Either some sedatives that I'll eat before going or some other way. Cause the reason I relaxed easily today was cause it was such a small procedure. But if I would have to get a root canal then I'd have to be nearly unconscious for a sedative and anesthesia to work. Seriously...

The reason I'm so scared of dentists is mainly because I've felt the horrible pain of when the anesthesia doesn't work. 6 doses and it still didn't make a difference. And that's stuck inside me now. I can't just stop being terrified of them. But he did ease my mind.

Plus.................. my employers dad told me what it's like to get a root canal. THAT REALLY DIDN'T MAKE THINGS EASIER. Not one bit lol

So, let's move on.

I've had a nice week though. we went to town, since it's hindersmässan the other day.
Freya got her first balloon and she loved it!!

 She also got an organic chocolate lollipop to suck on.
I chose chocolate cause it's soft.
And don't worry, even if she got treaty treats that day,
her favorite treats is still raisins, smoothies and quark haha

Talking about raisins, I never thought I would love to watch someone nibble on something or eating something as much as I do when she does it. She's just too damn cute. And she LOVES the raisins, and she gets really stingy with them too haha Cheapskate. And then all of a sudden she picks on out of her tiny little mini-box and holds her hand to my face. It's for meeee~
Well gosh. Don't that just melt a mom's heart haha

It's been a calm workweek though. One 26H shift, and then a short shift at my other job yesterday.
That's when half the tooth fell out. -__- But! Before that happened I got a late christmas gift from my boss! :D

I was surprised actually, especially when I opened it.
It was an iittala bowl. :D

I guess you could say I'm pretty high right now. I indeed took my fair share of painkillers today.
My body is the least of my problems at the moment ;D

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