Friday, January 22, 2016

My orders today!

I ordered some stuff today. Plus I bought black bean spaghetti at the store :) It's a fuckton healthier, way waaaaay less carbs.
And so is the stevia chocolate ⌒.⌒  
Packed with protein, no sugar added, lots of nutrition and less carbs. Heh~

Ah, the stevia drops are basically sweet flavors. I chose chocolate this time, but I'll buy vanilla and the strawberry one too some other time.
Perfect for smoothies. Or to flavor whipped cream or making a chocolate milk to drink. Yup yup.

I'm satisfied with my choices today.

Found these pics on google :3


  1. dudeee.... the vanilla one is fucking delishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh <3
    the caramel is also not bad. But it might be that I've lately been addicted to caramel flavored stuff *^*

    black bean pasta! haha! UR GONNA ENJOY IT! <3

    1. Så black bean pasta är gott alltså? :D PEEERF!

    2. Så black bean pasta är gott alltså? :D PEEERF!


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