Sunday, January 3, 2016

So far so good

Welp... The whole family is eating LCHF. So far it's going great :)

I found myself a treat that I like. RAW ice cream. It's made of cashews pretty much. And coconut oil, and some cocoa and agave syrup. Nom nom. The chocolate one is tasty. I'm gonna try the strawberry too one day.
We're currently sticking to sallads. (not Freya though. She needs a wee bit more carbs than I do)

We went to play in the snow today. Yay~ haha we had a lot fun ⌒.⌒  Freya laughed while she went down the hill with her dad. I went a ride too lol imagine that.

I've played a lot of CoD black ops III today. With Frost. But also with Nathalie. Shooooooot I was awesome. Haha

Killed 20 and dies twice once with her. Pretty neat. My kill/death ratio is pretty good nowadays haha Killed 18 and died 4 times last game teeeheee~

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    Seriously. Salads for life.


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