Saturday, January 9, 2016

"Bild regn"

I forgot to blog this week haha But here's some pictures anyway.

I've leveled up in smoothie making I tell you. I make the best smoothies in Sweden now lmao At least Freya says so. I never get to drink mine cause she ends up stealing it. She can have a whole fucking meal just minutes before, and when she sees my smoothie she's all like "That too. Now." otherwise she'll throw a huge tantrum. *sigh* But I'm just glad she has a great appetite since she's a little on the thinner side. But that's cause she has grown a looooot on the length. She's so tall :) But she's always been a tall babypuff. Ever since birth.

She's also taken over the chair in the living room. She can climb it and sit perfectly on her own so she feels really mighty in it haha
She's beeb super snuggly lately. Even as a write, she wiggled herself up in my lap to sit and snuggle. (My little mama heart go squeeeeze over and over haha) I love snuggling her.

Moving on... Ah. Whenever I need hot chocolate. I just make a really delicious lchf one. No sugar at all :D

Oh and I had to go to the hospital last Tuesday. I had such an insane pain in my abdomen and uterus. (I should point out that I was on my period but these cramps were insane. I couldn't breathe. I couldn't even pee. Frost laid the entire night and rubbed my tummy gently cause if you touched it with pressure I'd scream)
Apparently I have an infection in my body. ¬_¬ (My blood said so) So I'm eating antibiotics all the time now. Two different kinds. Bleh. In the end they still couldn't tell me what was wrong, she saw a "shadow" on 3cm in the ultrasound but couldn't tell what I was. I asked her if I should worry and she said no so I'm not worried. According to Anna everyone has a shadow inside their body that can't be explained. I suppose that was "my shadow" then :)
It's Saturday now and the pain is fairly subtle. I'm barely in pain there now. But I couldn't take my painkillers with the antibiotics so I'm in a lot of fucking pain in the regular places now. -_- I get really sick if I take them when I'm on antibiotics. It's not fucking worth it. I'd rather be in pain.

So.. What else can I tell you?

Oh! WW BOUGH A NEW COUCH YESTERDAY! YAY! It's already part of the family haha
Frost and Lasse picked it up, but Lasse hurt himself real bad and fell to the ground. He also hit his head on the car so Frost was really worried, so wen he sent me that text I naturally got even more worried. Haha The power of the tone in a voice I tell you. You can't hear the tone in a text. You just assume the worst then. But he's ok. Thank god :)

But anyway. The sofa is awesome too!

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