Wednesday, January 20, 2016

My crappy collage and our delicious dinner

Yeah maybe I'm not the most awesome collageer in the world (is that even a word? Well it is now anyway so...) I try to make nice collages though haha

Man, Frost and I made like there's best taco salad earlier. So fucking good that my mouth went OMNOMNOMNOOOOOM!
Luckily I even made en extra for work tomorrow. Wooh~

Obviously Frost's salad was a liiiittle more spicy than mine but whatever. He lurves spicy shit. He'll nibble on a fresh habanero like it was candy. Yup. Insane, I know haha

lol Freya is so cute. She was reading her book upside down earlier. Like a baaaws. Yeah she's a cool baby. Gaah, I feel like attacking her and chomp her cheeks and kiss her and huuuuug her. Yes I'm like a neurotic lovestarved psycho. Haha GIVE ME SNUGGLES!

Uuurk, this week is filled with work. It's not even like I get to be home enough. Blah. Just gotta keep it together till next week. Got the week off then. Yay~

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