Sunday, January 17, 2016


It's cold as fuck outside, but the weather is so damn beautiful. The sun is shining and barely any clouds in the sky.

Freya is snuggly as always. I'm so blessed to have a snuggly daughter ⌒.⌒  (I love snuggles you know) Lucky! Haha

I had to take some photos of Freya today cause she looked adorable when she was sitting in the sofa. It's so bright today so we had to pull down the blinds. I couldn't take a photo of her otherwise haha

I love our new curtains. Turns out I made a goof choice buying those. *bro fist to myself* And now we have matching pillows too. (Thanks mom) I'm going with purple this year ♡

It's been a good day so far. Frost made me breakfast, which Freya of course ate from too haha she had two breakfasts today then.

And later I have to go yo work. I'm working extra :) I start at 6. And I'll be home tomorrow again. This week I'll be working a lot, so I'll probably be very anti-social. I'll try to hang out with friends the hours I don't work if I have the energy.

But it's all worth it in the end :)

So anyway... What do you think about our livingroom? Pretty neat huh?

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