Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Rise Of The Tomb Raider

Ah, the other day I actually got some free time to just do whatever I wanted, so I managed to start playing the new Rise Of The Tomb Raider :D

It's such an awesome game! Insanely beautiful.
It's been waiting on the xbox for a long time, but I rarely get time to play games like that. Games where I need to focus and want to focus and see what's going on. I usually only get a chance to play CoD online haha

So this was awesome :D
Finally some Jo time.

Can't wait to play more!

Ah, I also started playing Metro. I kinda like it so far :)
I mean, I get lost sometimes in the tunnels at the markets and shit though lol But it's kinda cool :D

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  1. It may be awesome and insanely beautiful, but that does not stop you from talking to Lara like she is a 2 bit ho red headed stepchild when you play. lol


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