Thursday, January 14, 2016

Pew pew!

Lovely day aye?

I don't have much to say...

Yesterday mom came over and took me and Freya out to the mall :)
Yup. We walked round. Bought shit and ate lunch. Freya got baked potato a d curry chicken goo. Mmm.... I was very envious. I got a crappy salad that didn't have lettuce in it -_- and a fuckton of corn in it which I don't even eat. Haha I did however buy a sketchbook :D

But we had fun. And right before mom came, Moa dropped by with her cute pregnant belly :) Aaaws I missed that girl. A lot. She's having a boy :D yay!

Ah, I wanted to show you guys that the posters are finally framed and up now :D
It was in the middle of the night so the pic ain't that great.


Anyway I guess I should work now hah

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