Saturday, January 23, 2016

Le me today

Heh~ I took a selfie!

I know, its ridiculously rare for me to do that.

But I figured, hey... That's me. I'm the owner of this amazing and splendid blog. *super serious face* I should show myself every once in a while.
And right now I'm about to take a nap at work. Yep... The nap is the best part of work.

I was wondering if there's something I should write more about on the blog?

I mean, I've been told that just me writing random shit like always is fun. But I've also been told that selfies, writing facts about me and writing about series and video games is super fun too apparently.

Is that true? Should I write more about that stuff then? More about video games too? Cause I soooo don't mind that haha (gets to play even more teheee~)

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  1. You sure are pretty! like a flooower!


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