Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Work's been good.  Got my work corner... Where I occasionally take naps. Yep.
Got a headache though...

Apparently Freya ran up to LeiLei and gave her a hug today. Aaaaaaw!! ♡♡♡ So Frost took a picture of her sitting down with Leilei. Gosh, my snugglepuffs.

Welp I ain't got much to say. Me and A watched the third episode of The Shannara Chronicles. Pretty damn good show.

And I watched the first two episodes of Shadow Hunters. Yup. Apparently that show let a lot of fans down. I however ain't a fan so I'm not disappointed really. Haha :D its worth a watch. Something to do when I'm bored and shit.

Apparently I might (and its a big "might") go to Scotland this spring. I think it was Edinburgh? Ah I don't remember. It's work. So I wouldn't really pay anything. Or I'd PAY, but I'd get the money back from my boss once in back. Yup.

She said it'd be for like a weekend, so I think it'd be nice. I hope we'll go :)

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