Saturday, January 30, 2016

Tom Clancy's The Division beta

Been playing Tom Clancy's The Division beta. :D

It fucking awesome! So far I'm loving it. The quests are good, you can upgrade shit and buy new guns. It reminds me of Gears Of War combined with Tomb Raider lol I donät know why though............ But I like it.

It looks good, has a cool story and what's even better is that it's co-op! Both campaign and in general. Now that's fucking brilliant! There's a "team death match" in it too.

I'm actually allowed to show pictures of the game even though it's in a beta. They didn't forbid pics :D So I'll try to take a pic later. I took some screenshots on the xbox though.

So add awesomest koala and check it out why don't ya! I'm planning on making a little clip so you can see it.
I gave out a beta code to my friend too so she could play it as well. I bet she'll like it too!

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