Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Aaah it's been a very... "Stressy" day in a way. I mean, I came home from work around 10 this morning. And then I went back around 13:30. And I brought the offspring with me too. And we went home after 5 sometime. Freya slept a lot haha

I also finished the baby hat!
It took me a day. Yay me~

I should also say I'm playing Fable Legends beta teeheeee~ And we got Gears Of War too. Can't wait to play those again. Aaaah the nostalgia.

I'm going to knit some now and then play some Tomb Raider. And then we'll see what happens.

Oh right, Frost got a permanent residence visa yay! And he's going to get a swedish drivers license. *bro fist*  So as for now, swedish and a drivers license is on his schedule. Good for him :D

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