Monday, February 22, 2016

Evil Within

I've been meaning to play this game for a while. But baby and work and so on got in between.
But I decided to finally sit down yesterday and enjoy the horror game a little :)

Oooooh you can really tell who made the game when you play it.
I do love games like this.

The story is so so, but I like it a lot!
It's a good game so far.

I decided to play in survival mode which I surprisingly did really well in haha
Though I panicked like once or twice due to some surprises but overall I've done well.

Scaredy cat Jo in da house. lol
I told Frost how brave I was hahahahaha

But seriously, it was worth the money. And worth my time. It's a pity it's not co-op like Resident Evil 5 or something but oh well.

They kinda spoiled a lot of the story in the "about" section but whatever. haha

People who like horror and gross shit and blood should enjoy this.

Yes Marty, I mean you. Time for you to get an xbox one I think.

Though I can totally see Nathalie playing this. It's right up her girly alley. :) haha

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