Thursday, February 25, 2016

Yesterday & today

Well it's really nice weather today. 

And I'm laying on the couch dying... It literally feels like I'm dying. Guueh.... I threw up so much last night.

Freya is playing at the daycare so at least I know she's enjoying herself. Frosty ain't so good today either. What's with this shit? 

Yesterday when I was still feeling pretty good, Nas dropped by. 
Yeah it was a pretty decent day yesterday. I was kinda below the 5 mark again so.

Sofia dropped by for some coffee after that too :)

Btw, my daughter is like THE CUTEST LITTLE FART NUGGET IN THE UNIVERSE! She's too damn cute! Hahaha 

And and here's a link for the Divisions Give-away! 

Yay! Anyone who's interested can get the chance to win the game anyway so that's pretty cool :) 

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