Friday, February 12, 2016


It's me! Meeeee!

I got to sleep for a long time this morning... Though it didn't really matter to me since I seek to be awake more than asleep at night. But it was still nice to not HAVE to get immediately. A woke up around 8:30 and called for me so we actually had a slow morning.

My body is hurting a lot. And so is my heart. What can I do about the physical pain though...? My doctor is kind of like a nincompoop. Seriously. Thats the best word I could find to describe him. Urgh.... I'm going straight to the clinic to try to get an appointment asap. I can't change clinics till I have that talk with him.

I really wish I could have a doctor that understood me. Someone who didn't have too Google EDS when I'm right there next to them -_- I mean, come on! Really?

I understand that EDS still isn't a very well known disease... But you'd think a doctor would know about it right? Or is it just me who thinks that way?
Hmm... The neurologist obviously knew... But I can't go to a neocolonial every time I'm in pain or something. I need a doc.
Well... I try to be happy and positive anyway.

Guess who's going in an early valentines date tonight?

Meeee and my honeypuff! We're gonna see Dead Pool! Yaaaaay!!!

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  1. OMG! <3 why u so bootyfuuulll??? <3333

    and have a goood night. DEADPOOL IS GONNA BE SICKIENING!


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