Monday, February 8, 2016

Is it really?

Could spring really be on it's way? Hmm.. One might wonder.

I'm finally home after a long work shift. I'm sleepy... But I treated myself to an extremely tasty cup of coffee. I shit you not, it was delicious. And it should wake me the fuck up.

Freya is a daycare ♡ I snuggled the living shit out of that cutie before she left though hahaha I'm a very loving mom. Literally. I love loving her lol

Frost is a bit sickly today so no skydiving or mountain climbing for him. Oh shucks. Bummer. Haha

You know... It's valentines day soon! Yay! What to do on Valentines day?

What are you guys planning? Anyone doing something extravagant?

I've tried to tell honey that we shouldn't do anything special, to save money for future stuff *tehe~* uit knowing him... He'll.just do the opposite and give me something awesome. He always gives me sweet gifts... He's spoiling me too much. But I feel liek we should do something simple. If I get a gift..I wanna be able to eat it haha

So therefore I'm writing it here. :D

So now he can't buy me anything. He has to stick to simpleness. ⌒.⌒

I'm gonna make him a taco cake! Yes. You read that right. Taco CAKE! One of the best recipes I know ^_~

What better way to show my love for him than to cook him the most delicious things EVER?

Gosh I need to close my eyes.

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