Monday, February 22, 2016

Good morning!

I'm having a really nice morning. Sitting at the bus station waiting, while sipping on some coffee. I'm glad I bought coffee (and had time for it) cause it's a little chilly right now here.
Yep, I'm on my way to work and I feel really good today. I'm a 3 so far on the pain scale between 1-10 and anything below a 5 qualifies as a good fucking day for me :)

Plus my shift actually ends at 5pm today. Yay! I split one shift into two with Agnes so we're sharing Monday and Tuesday. So tomorrow I start at 4pm instead and come home the next morning.

Ah good luck to my mom today too!
She's having a tiny procedure done today. Small but still scary. Cause I've done it so I understand what it feels like. It'll be fine though.

Oh the bus is here. It's one of those new busses... Oooooh... So comfy.

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