Saturday, February 13, 2016

Yesterday and a wee bit of EDS complaining.

Oh I totally forgot to tell you about yesterday!
And the movie too. And some crap about my life.

First of all, mom drove me to the doctor and we pretty much forced him to see me.
We changed my medication, so now it's like full-time opiates going on here. Though the dose is bullshit. I promised to try it so I will. But I know it's not working that well cause it's such a fucking low dose. But this is sweden........ they don't care about someone's suffering nope.

But I also got something similar to valium to help chill the fuck out at night time.
See, we've discovered that since I can't relax during the night, I get even more tense, and with that I cramp up more and more without actually really noticing it.. and then I clench my jaw. Which results in my teeth cracking in the end (I mean, I've lost pieces of my teeth these past few weeks) So, hopefully this'll help me relax better.

I told him that I can't take sleeping pills since I need to be able to hear if Freya is crying. I won't risk that by taking sleeping pills and "hope" that I'll hear her. So these will hopefully work instead.
Though 15mg is quite the low dose on someone like me. The doc insisted that it's a very high does and that he won't prescribe anything higher than that but that just shows how little he knows about EDS.

It's like my dentist said: People with EDS are quite resistant to anesthetics & painkillers... therefor a higher dosage is always necessary. Which is also why the painkillers are stupid. I need a higher dose or something else. Though this is probably the best kind of painkillers you can get, but like I said. I need a higher dose.

Today is a pretty fucking shitty day physically for me. I mean, I'm happy and all.. but today I can't really walk. my knees have swollen up insanely much over the night. They've been hurting this past week, so I figured something like this would happen eventually. But this is insane.

Frost had to help me get my pants on cause I can't bend the legs that way right now. I just couldn't dress myself. I tried but it didn't work. It hurt too much :(

Thank heavens for having Frost in my life. He's my snuggletree that I can hold on to when it's to stormy.

Moving on though, back to yesterday........... we went to see Dead Pool!

My god, it was hilarious! We laughed so much! (it was extra nice cause I love hearing Frost laughter, so I really had a nice evening) Ryan Reynolds really was fucking perfect for the role. I love how they made fun of X-Men and Wolverine (The movie) Plus he's just genuinely funny that guy. And then we finished it off with a nice chipotle salad, and snuggles.

Picked up a superhappy Freyster from mom's house :) She seemed like she had an awesome time there haha

Well, I'm just gonna knit a bit now and continue to be miserable and wait till at least 9 hours have passed by so I can take another painkiller. Yeah, they're time released and completely worthless cause of the low dose. See, I got 10mg. Which made me think that it would be literally 10 mg that would be released into my body every second hour or so. BUT NOOO... turns out the entire pill was 10g. Which means that it's basically like not even 1mg being released in my body every two hours. Wow. Cool huh? I don't think anyone would feel that.

Urgh.. I'm stuck in the couch cause I can't move without help. And here's the best part... I can't go to the bathroom HAHA!

But, even so... I am happy. I really am. Cause everyone is so caring and sweet and helpfull. Especially Frost. PLus, Freya is super snuggly today! YAY!

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  1. I enjoyed watching the movie with you very much. Maybe we should go more often? Me thinks so :)


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