Monday, February 15, 2016

Something to think about

I'm laying in bed...still. Haha everyone is up getting their shit done, and I'm laying here like a gutted fish.

But Frost will help me out of bed soon :)

Today the neurologist will call (in like 30 minutes actually) I'll ask to have meeting with the one that's actually educated in the EDS matter. And after that I'll get a call from my regular doctor...well an assistant anyway, and I'll tell them that the oxy's they gave me SUCK. And I'll give them back to them.

Why can't he understand that I need a way bigger dose than an average person? I still need time releasing pills, but much stronger. And I need something for when the pain gets intolerable too, like a breakthrough drug. (Google that if you don't know what I mean)

So yeah... Today I can't even get up. I've actually been awake for a few hours but I can't move so... Duh.

I found an article about EDS pain that I wish my doc would read. I'm gonna send It to his assistant though.

Check it out. :) it was quite enlightening for me anyway.

In the meantime you can look at me and Freyster this Saturday. Haha


  1. I sure hope you feel better super soon beeb.
    I love you like wow, man!

  2. wah. balls on that doctor of yours seriously. Some people just don't get it >.<
    jag personligen ahr ju tex en jävligt hög smärttröskel och är rätt resistent mot bedövning och diverse andra ämnen tyvärr, men tro som fan att varje ny läkare jag har envisas med att ge mig de mest meningslösa smärtstillande någonsin. Just. NO.
    och när ens sjukdom faktiskt inkluderar att man behöver mer för att ens fungera (så som din situation nu då...) SÅ BORDE DET INTE VARA SÅ SVÅRT SOM LÄKARE ATT VETA DET?!!?!?

    also... hello you beautiful lady <3 SUCH PRETTY MANY WOWS <3333


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