Tuesday, February 16, 2016


There's are days when you're way more lovey dovey than usual l, you know? We've been like this for a while haha
Hey, I think it's awesome that we can be this mushy with each other still after 4 years. :)

Ah, last night was sooooo nice.
Especially when all three of us fell asleep in Freya's room haha I fell asleep on Frost's shoulder and Freya fell asleep on top of me (kinda wedged in between the two of us haha) and there we laid. Till Frost and I woke up and decided to snuggle on our own in our bed haha

It's good for the soul to snuggle your loved ones. Did you know that?

I think every relationship needs a moment each day where you just lay down and snuggle. :D Right? Right!?

Anyway... It's probably time for me to finish breakfast. I'm so tired... A is playing candy crush and I see my chance for a nap here haha

Btw, A and I just planned something radical hahaha

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  1. It was super nice snuggles!
    I sure do love you lots


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