Thursday, February 11, 2016

On our way to work

The weather is pretty crappy... But it's still a good day. I didn't get any sleep whatsoever last night. But I'll try to get a nap at work haha when A's busy playing candy crush I'll nap.

I got my painkillers that I needed so badly yesterday. Thank god for that, otherwise work probably wouldn't be possible today. I'm about to hit one of those phases where literally everything hurts. Way waaaaaay more than usual.

But my doc fucked up. Luckily he'll call me tomorrow so I can sort this bullshit up. I wish he knew a little about EDS really... It would kinda help. Meh..

Right, I need to show you guys what I got yesterday. I'll post a pic in a bit.

Oh and good luck today beeb. I love you! You're awesome! *mwaah!*
Boy do I miss my Freyster and honey puff <3

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