Sunday, February 7, 2016

Good day to you!

I'm sitting at work, sipping coffee and listening to the birds chirp. Lei Lei is laying outside on the porch in the sun. Livin' the good life haha

It's been a rough week physically for me. Though I feel like my mood is pretty good despite the pain and agony :)

I've also noticed that Freya is cuter than eveeeeer these days lol (Typical mom's bragging) 

Frost and I had a nice night last night. Yup. Played some Gears Of War <3 Watched some shows and so on. Videogames and coffee (That coffee is delicious)  It was basically a very nice and calm day :)

We went grocery shopping yesterday, and I ended up buying soooo much for me haha And Freyster too. I got her "skorpor". Which is kinda like superhard biscuits... yet it's definitely not biscuits. Like a hard lump of bread. These ones had a faint flavor of 'french vanilla'. And Freya LOVED them. How nice! She ate a lot yesterday actually...

Ah I also finished another little babyhat! This one's for Moa. She's having a baby boy in march <3

Freya slept over at my mom's place last night. 
Mom misses her a lot so a sleepover is always nice I guess.

I got this pic this morning from her haha

well, gotta go back to work I guess. Or take a nap?
Either way, I'll be missing these two dorks a lot <3

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