Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!

You know, before I met Frost. I sort of thought Valentine's Day was kinda lame.. But these days I enjoy it!

Every Valentine with Frost is always nice :)

Even though I said no gifts, I got the most delicious praline box from him this morning. It was soooo pretty too! And soooo tasty lol Two layers as well. Neat!

This is an awesome Valentine's Day so far. I'm in an excellent mood, and I wanna go out! The swelling in my knees has gone down quite a bit, and I can get up on my own today. (Dressed myself too) BRO FIST! Haha So maybe we'll all go for a walk soon?
Valentine's Day
Ah but seriously, it's a good day. Let's enjoy it!

I have some knitting to do at the moment, and then I'll drink a cappuccino and we'll watch something good :) And tonight TWD PREMIERE!! WOOOOHOOOO! Best Valentine's Day ever huh? :D

Lookie lookie at the pralines here :3 teheee~

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