Friday, January 22, 2016


Asdfghjkll...... bleeeeuuurgh.

I am it's not a happy go lucky powerpuff doodle today. Mostly meh.
Shit's just blah. I'm deprived of a lot of different things. It seems like it affects me more than I thought.

I'm just sooooo tired... which is why I'm moody and down. I can't sleep.
I lack things :(
I mean, I try. But it ain't working. I laid in bed literally the entire fucking night staring into the ceiling. My eyes wasn't even tired. They didn't wanna close so I just looked around. I fell asleep for like 10 minutes here and there. I know this cause I checked the time all the time to see if morning was near. And I'd close my eyes only to find out that a measly 10 crappy minutes had passed. -_-

My eyes are burning now, I'm so sleepy.. But I know that I still have to get up super early tomorrow morning and get back to work. HAHA. So no, I won't get any rest anyway cause it takes hours for me to wind down and fall asleep. And by the time I fall asleep ,it'll already be early morning.
That's just how I roll.

And I get disappointed when something doesn't go as I had hoped. -_-
So today was just a disappointment.

But eventually it turned out alright.
Ate delicious taco salad, Snuggled up against my loving man in the sofa. Freya's been SuperDuperAdorable and fun as always.
How can I continue to be in a "meh" kind of mood then? haha

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