Friday, July 15, 2016

Going to work music

Sup guys?

I figured I'd share my "Going to work music" :D

See, I've got a pair of amazing headphones, and I'm so happy these days that I can listen to fucking awesome music <3 Music is a huge deal in this family. :)

So here's some of the songs I listen to on a daily basis. It's just a really fucking cool feeling, listening to great music with great sound. Right? 

 And then there's this one, when I need to stop being so sleepy lol
Stupid stuff like this will usually wake me up. haha


Welp, I've got the graveyard shift tonight. And yet, tonight is gonna be a way better nightshift than any other shift, and from now on too. I'm gonna rick the shit out of these shifts! Woop woop!

Alright, gotta continue watching Stranger Things now. I'm loving it so far, classic, retro and very authentic looking. Seriously, everything is like it used to be in the 80's. I'm an 80's kid so I can proudly say that no one I knew wore those Bobby Brooks jeans. (Butt ugly lol)
But I tend to love shows that really spend time and effort on making it look legit, authentic or correct with the timeline so to speak :D Like Freaks & Geeks, That 70's show,Outlander, The Americans, Fargo, True Detective (first season) etc..


  1. You always had awesome music taste LOL! I'm wanting to watch stranger things I saw a clip of it looks good! I'm watching life below zero and bates motel! Netflix ftw!

    such a good song!


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