Thursday, July 21, 2016


As some of you know, I've been working a lot lately. A LOT lot.
I'm doing nightshifts right now. And they can be pretty fucking rough I tell you.. 

Buuut I play CoD black ops III at work now on the laptop, plus last night I played Killer Instinct with Frost through my XboxOne (which was at home mind you) I love how I'll be able to access more and more through my xbox live via the laptop. It's awesome.

This way, it ain't that lonely and scary at work haha

and I'm gradually getting better at PCgaming. It's different from my xbox ways...

So as per usual, I watched the sunrise, had morning coffee and shit and then went home and slept.
Oh oh oh and I finally got to use my new vase. YAY ME.
Plus, I made a cake the other day. That apparently was delicious.
Like, everyone fucking loved it.

See, I can be good at multiple things... gaming, baking, cooking and drawing.

 Horray! Success!

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