Saturday, July 30, 2016

So many things to remember

I must admit, it's actually been real nice to have like a week off of work.
This weekend it was just impossible to work. But it'll be alright now that Frost has a job too.

I'm going back to my regular job august 22. But I'll actually be jumping in as an extra  every other day till then to help Diana out.

Frost starts working around the 20th too so that'll be interesting. 

We've been chillin', having fun and eaten good food pretty much.

We watched Luther (again...fpr the 4th time lol) cause I seriously love Idris Elba as D.C.I Luther :D
also, we met up with my big brother the other day so the cousins could play a little.
And I saw acorns already. And I couldn't help noticing that some of the leaves already turned orange. Man, autumn sure is early huh? lol Nah, it won't be here in another two months probably.

Such cuties :)

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  1. Holy shit... is that little Wille? If it is he sure grew up a lot *^* SO MANY KIDS I DON'T EVEN..


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