Sunday, July 3, 2016

Purple now

We took a stroll up town yesterday, since we were out of dogfood it was a pretty good idea really.
Got ourselves some cold coffee (and some extra espresso shots for me lol) 
Ate some delicious food later too. Just cause we felt like it.

Sometimes it's good to just do what you feel like doing.
Not always, but sometimes :)

Also, we managed to pick some lavender while we walked lei lei too.

In the end, someone had a little too much fun lol so she passed out.

And me, I think I'm gonna stay purple :)

Oh, and on our way home, a duck seemed to take an extra interest in Freya. And followed us quite a bit on the road home haha It was funniest little thing. It really was very tame, obviously someone handfed it and it got too used to humans I guess. I wasn't scared of me one bit. I almost touched it.

Aaaand then there's the two fallen champions.
They had so much fun they just passed out.
I was wondering why it was so quiet, and when I went to look for Freya I found them in there like this <3

Funny, since LeiLei tries to avoid the doodle most times.

Freya grows on ya, huh?

Ah, this was just a cute photo mom took of Freya when they visited my uncle and his wife. haha

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