Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The 12th of july

26 years ago, a very important person was born. My sister, and Freya's aunt.
She can be difficult to handle sometimes, but the love is real. And forever lasting from our side. Despite any hardships.
I chose this picture to put I my blog cause this is obviously the cutest picture I have I my phone.
I just litterally got in bed now, it's 09:54.
And now I'll sleep.
Gah...I forgot how hard it is to work nightshift lol


  1. Happy Day of Birth Jossefin! Ha I like that spelling. And beeb... Im watching you sleep... Like right now... I'm a total creepster lol ❤��

    1. HAHAHAHHAHA Creepster hahahaha you're making me laugh so hard that I'm in tears haha I love you, dorkface!


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