Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Yesterday, Nathalie stayed the night, and she had a rough night too lol
So it's only fair I give my friends the best iced coffee I have :)
I made ice caramel coffee for Frost and Nathalie :)

It looked good. Made me want it too haha

It's been rough day today. Very rough.
Luckily there's a few around me to spill my guts out to.
My man is definitely one of the best in the world.

Freya probably noticed that I wasn't feeling awesome too, and that in turn showed on her behaviour too. My sweet little doodle. She passed out when we went grocery shopping :3

Yep, she's my angel alright <3


  1. We are a team. I will always be here to listen to whatever you wanna tell me. You're my whole world. You know that? <3

    1. I know~ I love you beeb <3 More than anyone could ever love any man (or woman) hah!


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