Tuesday, July 26, 2016

It's a Tuesday

Urghh... I just don't want to work tonight. But it's not like I've got a choice. -_-
I've been enjoying myself a little bit though, despite feeling like a bag of shit.
I'm functioning. And that's what's important.
We've got a lot to figure about workwise for August. Not sure how to solve the weekends. We'll both be working weekends and we don't have anyone that can help with Freya in the weekends. I'm always home every other day but every other weekend I'll have to work Saturday or sunday. Just one of those days. 
We'll figure something out. We always do 😊 otherwise I'll just be forced to bring my daughter with me to work.

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  1. Great news that frost has work! I'm sure you could arrange something with your mum or sister? Is there not a local church that offers day care for a donation? Kim was looking after the baby's and toddlers at our local church day care when she was in placement for college. Then she went to a high class 7 grand a month day care.. Boy do they know how to look after kids. The meals were made by chefs! All the posh kids LOL! Don't stress about it use your wise mind. There's always a silver lining stay positive both of you!


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