Sunday, July 10, 2016

Saturday stuff

It's been quite a day. :)
Me & Freya rode my bicycle to meet up with Nathalie so we could fika. Freya loved sitting in her little baby-bike-chair :D She loves riding the bike,  which makes me happy. My little doodle...

While at the coffee shop, the manager gave us the biggest piece of a banana cake I've ever seen. Way too big. Way too sweet. So we all asked for some whipped cream to put next to it to break off that sweetness ya know?

At this time Frost was in a meeting with one of his employers. Exciting exciting.
Not only that, but another great job opportunity came up for him today too. Yay! We're gonna go have dinner with his family so they can discuss work and stuff. Since Frost would only work hours here and there every other day give or take. As long as it won't interfere with his other job.
Anyway... a dinner sounds great. That way we don't need to be the middle hand in anything. Well I'm not gonna mention names cause.... lol it's fun to make people think.

But this could be fun either way. A dinner! I'm happy someone thought of Frost as the reliable hardworking guy he is. Either way, we'll definitely have a good time. We can even bring Freya!

Anyway...back to topic. We've had fun today. Frost came home from his dinner with his new employer, and I told him the bees about potential extra work.
Ah oh and that banana cake made me sooooo sick. I felt like dying.
I tried making a little video about our fika... not sure if it'll work, but oh well.
Nathalie is staying the night. :)  We ended up staying up so late playing video games that we got all exhausted and the end she was just too tired to get up hahahHah

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