Friday, July 1, 2016

It's oh so blue

Good evening everyone.

I've had some awesome few days off, it's been great :)
I made homemade popsicles for Freyster. Strawberries with squeezed lemon juice and some agave syrup in it too...(just to make it a wee bit sweeter with the lemon ya know?)  Yup, Limeberry pops I call them haha With melted coconut oil in it. (It's absolutely god damn disgusting with the coconut flavor, but hey... my baby likes it so..) Yeah, Freya really liked them. She gobbled them up, aaaand got herself a brainfreeze hahahaha

I also finally got exactly the right medications the other day. Which results in me actually sleeping at night :D The cramps gets reduced, and the painkillers are most definitely working.

Though to be completely honest, I did get really fucking high the other day when I took one. 40mg isn't what I was used to, obviously. And I had been going without painkillers for some time too, I've had a good week for my body. Barely ate anything at all, but then one day the pain just got excruciating so... I realized that I needed to take a pill if I wanted to be able to even walk home  -_-

hah, the walk turned into a fun time, I've probably never been that high in my life lol
It's all good though, I'm ok now. My body gets used to the medicine pretty quick actually.

Ah, I've colored my hair again.

Aaah, it's time for bed. I'm so damn sleepy... I'm in "my" room now. Oh yeah, I'm at work in case I forgot to mention that haha we've been watching Preacher, Outlander and Game Of Thrones today, and finished the day with a bunch of episode of Orange Is The New Black (first season) A hasn't seen it. Like ever. O_o

Aw, I can't wait to go home... it was heartbreaking to leave for work this morning. Freya was asleep between me and Frost at first.  She looked adorable as always. My little princess.

But she woke up right before I left......  :(  And cried her heart out. She hugged me so much, and kissed me. And those giant tears just fell from her cheeks. Man, it definitely is one of the most painful things have to do. Leaving her and going to work. I mean, it'd be great if we could be millionaires and then I could just be home with Freya & Frost all the time. Going on trips, and events and stuff. Bringing my friends and family to islands and shit haha

But what I'd want the most is to be with Freya and Frost. I know a lot of parents don't want to be with their kids (my old colleague for example -_-) and they donät miss them.... while I'm more like dying on the inside when I'm away. I miss hearing her goofy voice and getting her little smooches. And her snuggles...gah... top notch.

But Yeah, beeb... your'e still my number 1 snuggler. Your penisSnuggles are excuisite lmao

Come on people, if you read my blog you oughta know I write a whole lot of weird shit. I don't censourize my posts haha (is that even the correct word??) lol

I'm joking though, his penis snuggles are obviously way more amazing than exquisite. hahahahahaha
Uh huh he did give me Freya. Remember? haha

Beeeeeeeeb! This pic is for you! teeeheee~

It's your very own derp dork!

I love you honey, now and forever.
Kiss my little busfrö for me <3

Something's happening tomorrow.
But I'll tell y'all about that later then. 
Something big though, let's hope for the best!

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  1. Ohh whheee you are so gorgeous! How'd I get so lucky and snag such a well rounded perfect woman? Ahh, musta been the exquisite penis snuggles. Yep, that's most certainly how. Obviously I mean. I sure love you ❤

    Note to future older Freya: I'm sorry your parents (us/we) are so goofy and whatnot. But we love each other lots. And at least we ain't hipsters, feeding you Bermuda grass for breakfast. So there's that!


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